Thursday, May 7, 2015

2015 Cord Cutters Best Way to Watch TV and Movies In HD

Watch as I demonstrate the newest way to save money and cut the cord by using the very best Android TV Player called Google Asus Nexus Player. Using XBMC KODI and various 3rd party add-ons such as Navi-X and Phoenix for world wide premium cable Live TV. Genesis, 1Channel (primewire) Icefilms and several others, having total access to literally every movie and every TV show ever made absolutely free.

Having the proper device like the Nexus Player or others we recommend makes all the difference that it will work properly, have the best processing yes be at the lowest cost not just in the initial purchase but in the long run when using different applications on the device because other devices such as one by Amazon or Apple Will absolutely cost lots of money over the years.

The reason why I recommend the Google product this first of all Google Is implementing new standards to that world and that this device itself is the flagship device. Second of all it has an Intel x86 chipset and has amazing features such as which is UPnP or Google Cast making every other device in your home compatible with this device.

We will never recommend anything that isn't literally the best option for everyone's needs and while people have particular taste or wants overall this product and others by Google are the future standard for the world and it's best to be familiar with those now and save yourself time and money especially when you buy devices that attend to stop working after a few months and cost almost twice as much as Google products like Chromecast cost $35 dollars or less.

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