Saturday, May 30, 2015


This tutorial will show you how to add a Kodi (XBMC) icon shortcut to the main menu. You can now access Kodi (XBMC) from the home screen. No root required. Normally, you would have to go to through the Settings menu to access the app.

How-to Add Kodi (XBMC) Icon to Fire TV’s Home Screen

Setting up Llama
1. Go to Apps > Categories > Entertainment and search for and install “Classic TV
Classic TV
2. Sideload Llama to your Fire TV (Windows tutorial | Mac tutorial).
3. Go to Settings > Applications > Manage All Installed Applications and launch Llama
4. Go to Events tab and click the + button
Events Tab
Plus Symbol
5. Click Add Condition and select Active application
Add Condition
Active application
6. Click Choose an app, select Classic TV, and hit OK
Choose an app
Select Classic TV
7. Click Add Action and select Run Application
Add Action
Run Application
8. Select Kodi (XBMC)
Select Kodi
The event will now be created. You can exit Llama. Now every time you launch Classic TV, XBMC will run instead.

How-to Change Classic TV’s Icon to Kodi (XBMC) Icon

1. Right-click both Kodi thumbnail and preview icon and save the images to your desktop (do not change the default file name):
Kodi Thumbnail Icon
File should be named: thumbnail_43127692f3ed9671e079492a40a450bbd51543bd84d74bba24baf55fe7e06afa.png
Kodi Preview Icon
File should be named: preview_84a70e233a1a6d1ac0d93d2e9f1f2de0e7c2d64d289f1e6f17434fe4c3752717.png
2. In Command Prompt (Windows) or Terminal (Mac) connect to the Fire TV (see tutorial)
Connect to Fire TV
3. We will now replace the Classic TV icons with the Kodi icons,
Windows users, insert the following command and hit enter:
adb push C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Desktop\thumbnail_43127692f3ed9671e079492a40a450bbd51543bd84d74bba24baf55fe7e06afa.png /sdcard/.imagecache/
Insert the following command and hit enter again:
adb push C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Desktop\preview_84a70e233a1a6d1ac0d93d2e9f1f2de0e7c2d64d289f1e6f17434fe4c3752717.png /sdcard/.imagecache/
Mac users, insert the following command and hit enter:
./adb push /Users/YOURUSERNAME/Desktop/thumbnail_43127692f3ed9671e079492a40a450bbd51543bd84d74bba24baf55fe7e06afa.png /sdcard/.imagecache/
Insert the following command and hit enter again:
./adb push /Users/YOURUSERNAME/Desktop/preview_84a70e233a1a6d1ac0d93d2e9f1f2de0e7c2d64d289f1e6f17434fe4c3752717.png /sdcard/.imagecache/
ADB Push
4. Press and hold the Select and Play button for five seconds until the device reboots. The Kodi icon should now replace the old Classic TV icon.
Kodi Icon
That’s it! You now have a Kodi (XBMC) shortcut on the home screen of your Amazon Fire TV!
Note: If the icons did not change or if you are changing a different app’s icons, please follow this tutorial to find the correct file names and file paths for the Fire TV app.