Thursday, May 21, 2015

Android Apps for Chromecast, Smart TVs, Nexus Player, Amazon Fire and More

Check out some special Android applications not found on the Play Store. One we found to be amazing is a Chromecast compatible version of XBMC KODI (forked) with special external player options for multiple ways to play movies and TV shows has been made by the XBMC HELPERS.

With this version of XBMC KODI, stream movies and TV shows even Live TV to various platforms such as Chromecast, Nexus Player, Samsung Smart TVs, other Smart TVs with internet connection for UPnP and DLNA settings options available.


"How it works...

To start we are a developer group who helps 10s of thousands of people each year with results. Providing help like setup, updates and troubleshooting any device or computer platform as well as multiple types of software and hardware.

Modifying certain applications through a github fork we created several versions of Android applications that give you external player features using Google Casting code and other types of external player options to Smart TVs and TV players like Chromecast, Nexus Player, Amazon Fire TV, LG and Samsung Smart TVs.

All are forked and modified but as a reminder we do not host any of the content. We can not control any of the updates and suggest not to. Also from time to time file locations or 3rd party add-ons for streaming content will change or need updating. We try our best to help everyone and ask you stay patient and keep trying to communicate if you have a legitimate problem or question.

We are not selling anything and our main work or helping is free. We do accept donations. Donations are used to help with buying new hardware/software/website hosting costs. We like to eat food too and we tend to help so many people it takes away from making an income. We are all students of various trades and professions and studies and as that you understand we do not spam, scam or want you to do anything other than what you enjoy, streaming TV and movies.

A reminder, we are not selling you anything and you should understand and expect NO refunds as that makes no sense to ask for a refund for a donation.
When you make a transaction we decide to release a version that is for testing only. This is not available in the Play Store and is given to use to try out. We ask that you understand you are not buying the applications but are donating to app and code writers students who use any donations to further development of possible future ideas or new ventures in code creation and official releases.

If you decide to make a transaction do not expect a refund. Do not expect anything to work or have any help behind troubleshoot or setup. Android devices come in many forms with many makers and with many levels of Android OS. We will try to help anyone with issues but do not expect to receive anything."

XBMC HELPERS Apps (github fork)

Several types of apps for testing.

Choose from below.

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TroubleShooting Tips
If you have a similar version like KODI or XBMC already installed, remove it first before installing any version from here.

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