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Make Money Selling Kodi Compatible Devices Responsibly

So you want to be the next big Android TV dealer on the block? There is the right way you can do it, and there’s the wrong way; we’re going to go ahead and explain the right way of doing things in order to ensure maximal profitability in conjunction with the very best possible customer experience right from the get go! The key is to consider the customer first, and not your own profit; put yourself in the customer’s shoes, it will go a long way in terms of your business’ future growth.
Your best bet is to advertise your device as a set top box that interfaces with existing online streaming web sites, bringing the online streaming experience to your living room, free of the popups and nuisances associated with watching online. Don’t mention specific web sites though, just say that once specially configured it’ll give you free access to “every movie and television show ever made, live sports, international content, and more.”
As far as legalities go, the devices are more than legitimate until the add-ons are installed. You’ll want to sell it with the basic XBMC preinstalled, and let the customer visit our web site or look to Google for assistance in configuring add-ons, you can hint them that the add-ons exist, just don’t mention them by name. It’s perfectly fine for the end user as [unlike torrents] no content is ever redistributed from their end.
Step 1Select Your Inventory
Select one or two KODI recommended players you’d like to keep in stock. There are tons of options (many good, and many bad), so you’ll perhaps want to go with something we’ve recently reviewed, choose something that has proven itself to work very well, not something mediocre, the better the device the more people will come back for more. You might even want to consider the Amazon Fire TV as a higher end option for customers.
Step 2Set Reasonable Pricing
Analyze your market, figure out your costs, and decide what your time is worth. Don’t make the same mistake so many other dealers have and try to sell your products at prices too low, if you aren’t making enough money, it won’t be worthwhile for you to stay in business, which will just result in customers being left high and dry in the end.
Step 3Don’t Pre-Install Addons
Sell the devices with the vanilla version of XBMC preinstalled, many hardware devices will have it already built into the firmware. You don’t want to sell devices with add-ons preinstalled as that would be against the XBMC Foundation’s terms. It’s better to refer customers to our web site so that they can support themselves in the future anyway, due to the unstable nature of these add-ons in the first place.
Step 4Optional Premium Support
Some people just don’t want to do anything themselves and have the extra money floating around; so you might want to consider offering premium support at a flat rate on a per case basis. You’ll want to charge a standard one time fee per premium support request, then simply factory restore and reconfigure the device using our Config Wizard tool. If you’re going to sell packages, don’t sell for more than you’re prepared to support; we’d recommend doing three month packages, as opposed to one year because you don’t know what could happen in that time span. You might also want to look into using TeamViewer to provide remote services.
Step 5Setup a Basic Website
It’s a little bit tricky but not too tricky, there are sites out there like Wix and Choppily that will help you get started with building your first web site. You’ll want to keep it clean and simple, and be sure to include a products, service, and contact page complete with set hours of operation, and a visible phone number; a YouTube video demonstration wouldn’t hurt either.
Step 6Create a Facebook Page
These days everyone is on Facebook, so should your business! Just follow their easy procedure for Creating a Business Page to get started. Post interesting stuff regularly in order to keep your followers engaged. It might be a good idea to ask some of your friends to share your page on their walls in order to jumpstart your social media presence.
Step 7Post Classified Ads
You’ll want to go ahead and post classified ads online through sites like Craigslist and Kijiji, and also in your local newspapers. Make sure you choose a catchy tagline line that will grab the reader’s attention and bring interest to your service; then explain that it’s a device that will give you free access to every movie and television show ever made.
Step 8Distribute Flyers
It’s surprisingly cheap to get professional looking flyers printed and designed once you find the right suppliers; first get an attractive flyer designed by a graphic artist, then find a cheap commercial print shop locally. Next, go ahead and hire students to distribute them around town, we’ve heard that in the vicinity of your local Apple Store might be a great place to do so.
Step 9Join our Business Directory
In case you weren’t aware, here is a  Business Directory for both hardware retailers and wholesalers. Many of our web site’s visitors look to that page to find local sellers they can trust, so it would be a good move to get on that list today. Keep in mind that your contribution will also help support our community in the long run.
Displaying listings from all locations. 
Use the fields below to filter listings for a particular country, city, or state. Start by selecting the top most region, the other fields will be automatically updated to show available locations. 
Use the Clear Filter button if you want to start over. 

Step 10Make a Referral Program
Let your customers know that you have a referral program, and that they can make money by referring their friends, family and coworkers. You’ll want to offer something like twenty dollars per new customer referral, but make sure that you can work it into your margins. Tell them that the customer must mention their name at time of purchase.
Step 11Rent a Store Front
If you find yourself with more sales than you have time in the day, it’s probably time to bring your home business to the next level by opening a storefront, or even a temporary “pop-up” shop. Whether you have a prime real estate street level location or a small office, it will add a sense of reliability to your business and make it easier for you to provide support and make sales.
Step 12Become a Wholesaler
Now that you’ve got a good customer base going, you might want to consider purchasing in bigger quantity and offering wholesale discounts to your existing customers. You’ll perhaps find that this could be quite lucrative, and that it will also stimulate an increase in sales to those who want to purchase bundles of devices to gift.
Congratulations! You’re now an Android dealer, or at least on your way to becoming one. Hopefully if you play your cards right this will lead you to early retirement, or at least a new speed boat. Just be honest with your customers and yourself, grow your business the legitimate way and try to enjoy what you’re doing.
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