Sunday, May 17, 2015

PAC 12 Live in HD

I watch live TV from my iPad to my Chromecast, any live sports program I choose and so can you. Anyone with an iOS device can watch these links directly in Safari.

#EXTINF:-1,PAC National 1280*720
#EXTINF:-1,PAC National 640*360
#EXTINF:-1,PAC-12 Net. (Arizona)
#EXTINF:-1,PAC-12 Net. (Bay Area)
#EXTINF:-1,PAC-12 Net. (Bay Area) 1280*720
#EXTINF:-1,PAC-12 Net. (Los Angeles)
#EXTINF:-1,PAC-12 Net. (Moutain)
#EXTINF:-1,PAC-12 Net. (Oregon)
#EXTINF:-1,PAC-12 Net. (Oregon) 1280*720
#EXTINF:-1,PAC-12 Net. (Oregon) 640*360

iOS cast app for live TV can be found here: Video & TV Cast for Chromecast: Best Browser to cast and stream webvideos and local videos on TV & Displays by 2kit consulting