It’s a very exciting day without our community, bringing the release of the extremely anticipated TVMC for Windows release, along with updates for Mac, XBMC Karaoke and more. If you’re going to pay extra attention to any of our updates, this is one you definitely don’t want to overlook.

In case you somehow haven’t yet heard of it, TVMC is a custom build of Kodi which comes preconfigured out of the box with all the best add-ons, tweaks and customizations; making your addon-centric Kodi streaming experience a more enjoyable one. As soon as it’s installed, it’s ready to use, no configuration work or technical experience necessary.

This is very exciting because it finally means that any idiot out there can enjoy Kodi without needing to take the time to follow guides or learn anything at all, because as we’ve learnt with time, no one likes to follow guides these days. This is the release you want to send to your mother, your father in law, and your coworkers. Just download it, install it and enjoy all the best that Kodi has to offer!

1) TVMC for Windows Released:

2) TVMC for Mac Updated:

3) TVMC for Android 13.2 Download:

4) XBMC Karaoke Updated:

5) Updating from XBMC to Kodi:

6) Selling Kodi Devices Responsibly:

7) Win an Android TV Box, Write a Testimonial:

8) How-To Turn Off Notifications:

If you’ve been enjoying our tools, it would be cool if you could tell your friends about us so that they too can enjoy as much as we all do. If you ever have any questions or want to help out, feel free to visit us at our Forums, we’d be glad to hear from you.