Friday, May 15, 2015

Use KODI On Any Device And Watch All Movies And TV Shows On Your Smart TV (Samsung) Wirelessly

Recently I discovered a feature within XBMC KODI that allows me to cast or stream from my computer or my tablet (any platform running XBMC KODI) to my Samsung Smart TV. The "Play Using" feature for UPnP, DNLA wireless connection that allows all your devices and computers on the same WiFi or internet connection to connect share and communicate with each other. This type of feature is becoming standard in all new media software and hardware for an easy wireless sharing and streaming experience.

There are a requirements and some steps you must take for this to work for you but if you meet the requirements or have a similar setup it should work just as simply and easily as it does for me.

Start by having the latest version of KODI.
Download your platform version here

Next watch this latest video tutorial on how to cast from and KODI computer or device to a smart TV wireless.