Thursday, May 14, 2015

Using IPTV App for Samsung Smart TVs I Can Watch Premium TV World Wide

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Using IPTV App for Samsung Smart TVs I Can Watch Premium TV World Wide For Free

I discovered an app in the App Store on my Samsung TV for IPTV. Realizing I could simply watch any channel using the IPTV TV channels lists I already had I decided to try it out. At this point if anyone has a Samsung Smart TV, eliminating you cable bill for good is very possible. After about five minutes of set up and using the website connected to the app to add my URL IPTV links I literally added over 1000 premium live cable channels from across the planet and can watch every single one of them on my Samsung TV for free in HD!!

Here's a quick guide !

This is only available on Samsung and LG smart TVs 

You need to download Smart IPTv from your tvs built in App Store the 7 day trial is free or the full paid app is €5 one off payment nothing else to pay.

Once you have the app installed you copy the lists in the link above to a txt file saving it as UTF8 file

Here is the website for setup of your TV Mac address and adding the URL channel lists

Enter your special Mac code supplied when the app has been purchased click browse and chose your txt file you saved it will load up onto your tv smart iptv app and that's you done

Using the website I pasted my URLs links for IPTV EXTM3U8.
Here's what each URL looks like when opened in browser.

More channels than I know what to do with. World channels, premium channels and all channels really. From ABC, TO HBO TO WWE TO WARNER HD AND DISNEY. Basically all the channels that anyone would have to pay for premium service but actually free and easily accessible on your Samsung TV it's as though you have regular TV just have to do a few steps if you could take five minutes of your day to save thousands of dollars a year, why wouldn't you!?

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