Sunday, May 17, 2015

LIVE IPTV for iOS Devices

Using a new application in the App Store you can now watch Live HD TV using IPTV URLs.
Follow the steps outlined. Some things may change so remember to look for updated link information.

1. Download the application from the App Store called Live TV

 2. Find a list of live channel links URL XML file like this one here
Notice in this picture below the link is a list of many links to live online TV channel url. Its easiest to open the pastebin URL XML inside the browser and then copy paste the entire list to a notpad or text edit app.

3. Notice in the picture above: Copy Paste a valid URL link for the channel you want to add to the list inside the app you downloaded earlier.
4. Past the link inside edit channel list option.
 5. Press edit on the top left and then press the + symbol at the top right. Then a New Channel option will appear like this.

6.  Paste the valid custom URL and give the channel a name.

 7. Click Done to finish and to verify the URL is valid. If it is a valid playable url it will load as shown.

 It will then begin to load, buffer and play the channel you've added. Adding multiple channels are the same steps 2 thru 7.
Click and drag to move
 Once the channel loads and begins to play you'll notice several options. Back and Play/Pause are the only option so far.
Click and drag to move
 If you have an Apple TV or any AIrPlay option device installed to your TV, the option to mirror your iOS device to your TV is possible if you have the correct setup.
Click and drag to move
 UPnP is also possible. Basically AirPlay, UPnP and casting is only possible when all the different devices are on the same data Wi-Fi. I can now mirror the TV playback from my ipad to my TV using any Airplay or UPnP type device attached to my TV.