Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Measure twice and cut once is what my father use to say when we would build things together. I remember one summer we built the coolest tree house fort in our backyard. Before build one together tried to build one on my own. Let's just say, compared to the one we built together the one I made wasn't something I'd ever want my daughter to know about, LOL!

Luckily for both of us, my father showed me the right way to do the things the first time but it didn't come easy. He also use to say, " Work smart, not hard!' Oh how true he was. When I did something the hard way I learned quickly what I should have done and start to wish i had. The key is to know when to start over and when you do you making sure not to make the same mistake twice.

KODI Entertainment Center runs on many types of hardware platforms and one of the most popular is the Android platform. Android is light weight and easy to setup and use. It also has the most problems especially when preinstalled or sold by companies who do not provide software updates or support.

In 2013 when the XBMC Foundation released the beta version of XBMC for Android, it exploded across the world. At the time Android was still in the beginning stages of working out a overall device compatibility issues with H/W hardware acceleration video playback.

The problem is, there are so many different types of Android hardware, when Google releases their open-source Android OS software, hardware manufacturers must rewrite the coating to work in the compatible with the hardware they sell. This means they must test and continually update to work out any bugs.

When XBMC was made available for Android there was a rush to fill the demand and sadly the market was flooded with inferior Chinese preloaded and outdated crap. Without going a further I'm going to get to the point, there are a list of devices that are recommended by the official creators of KODI The XBMC Foundation; to specifically to run their software XBMC/KODI/TVMC etc.

The devices they recommend  are all official android devices and are guaranteed to work properly with XBMC/KODI. We are here to help you do what you enjoy, streaming TV movies! We take pride in providing you with the correct information which gives you the results you're looking for. You can trust that we are not here to sell you anything but rather provide you with information that saves you money.

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