Saturday, June 27, 2015

How to install applications from third-party non-at marketsources

  1. The first method requires only your Android phone connected to the Internet:
    1. Locate device settings. Inside settings under security locate Unknown Sources.
    2. Check the box so that it is activated to allow installation of apps from sources other than the play store.
    3. Using the Web browser on your Android phone, go to the third-party app site.
    4. Search for the apps you want. ... 
    5. Download the app to your phone.
    6. Open your file browser app and locate the APK (Android Package) file.
    7. Install the APK file.

    Now let's download some apps! If you click on the link below from your android web browser or if you're on your android device right now but inside of her application such as Facebook you can still click this hyperlink that will take you to the download link. Look on the webpage for the app you want to download or the link that will bring you to the actual download file.

    Free premium android apps.
    Coming very soon... Hours away, edit mode now! Thanks for your patience. 
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