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HUGE [INDEX] Google Chromecast Applications, Tweaks and More (OLDIE BUT GOODIE)


21 Apr 2014: Chromecast is also available in Europe countries, like Germany. Unfortunately, but as expected, not rootable (yet).
03 Feb 2014: Google Chromecast SDK Now Available to Developers, More Supported Apps to Come!
12 Jan 2014: All XDA internal links of the first two posts should be encrypted now (We want HTTPS on XDA!).

12 Dec 2013: The latest update also was discussed on the XDA portal.
11 Dec 2013: Added a pretty big FAQ from @bhiga for this small device.
18 Nov 2013: Team Eureka does not only take over maintenance of FlashCast, PwnedCast, and KyoCast - they also have some giveaways.
15 Oct 2013: Any other threads to be added in this index? Let me know.
20 Sep 2013: Added a new video from Google, also a link to the newest Chromecast update announcement to build 13300.
01 Aug 2013: Added a video section. Also, thanks to all of you for the links. This is very helpful, don't stop, hehe.
28 Jul 2013: First day of this index. Please everybody help to keep this up to date and post or send a PM to add new threads. As long as this
device is not available in my country, I hope for your help. Thank you very much!

I forgot your favorite Google Chromecast thread, forgot to update a thread or a thread is misplaced/unnecessary? I'm sorry. Please send me a PM or post it in the thread. I'll fix that. 

Warning: Only apply compatible treatment to your device. Make sure you don't get into trouble. After all it would be your mistake. Not the developer, XDA or I am in charge, only you.

Google Chromecast Updates

Chromecast Update (build 16664) (Chromecast update from 08 Apr 2014)
Chromecast Update (build 14651) (Chromecast update from 03 Dec 2013)
Chromecast Update (build 13300) (Chromecast update from 18 Sep 2013)
Chromecast Update (build 12840) (Chromecast update from 31 Jul 2013)

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Apps, Mods, Fixes, Rooting, Tutorials - reviewed on 11 Apr 2015
[07 Apr 2015] [ROM] [27946.002 - 2015-04-06] Eureka-ROM - Based on OTA 27946
[06 Apr 2015] [ROM][27946] Stock OS with updates disabled
[03 Feb 2015] [ADT1][REF]Google ADT-1 Stock OTA URLs
[19 Jan 2015] [App] Cast Receiver app for Android
[02 Dec 2014] [EXPERIMENTAL] Enable Mirroring from any device *thread closed*
[27 Nov 2014] 4xxx serial US Chromecasts in the wild
[19 Nov 2014] [App][Free] speed4cast - test the network speed for chromecast
[08 Nov 2014] [App] vnc2cast - view PC screen on chromecast
[17 Oct 2014] [HOWTO] Chromecast/Netflix outside USA without VPN
[10 Oct 2014] [GUIDE] Enable Guest Mode
[03 Oct 2014] DeskCast + VB.NET Source
[22 Sep 2014] [INFO] Rootable Serial Numbers
[06 Sep 2014] [FAQ] Rooting with FlashCast Mini-FAQ
[06 Sep 2014] [FAQ] Root Mini-FAQ: What's the big deal with root?
[02 Sep 2014] [chromecast] [Android APP] y2cast v1.02 is released - DLNA/UPnP
[29 Aug 2014] [ROOT] HubCap Chromecast Root Release!
[28 Aug 2014] [GUIDE] Skype on TV
[23 Aug 2014] EZCast aka Miracast dongle vs Chromecast (discussion, similarities and differences)
[23 Aug 2014] [ROOT] New Chromecast Root Method! (8/17/2014)
[18 Jul 2014] [FAQ] Chromecast Frequently Asked Questions
[13 Jul 2014] [APK] ADT-1 Cast Receiver, Leanback Launcher & more
[07 Jul 2014] [FLASHER][v1.3 - 2014-07-07] FlashCast: Quickly and easily mod your Chromecast
[29 Jun 2014] [Chromecast][APP][4.0+] Cloud Browse
[08 Jun 2014] [Emulator][Unnoficial] Leapcast the Chromecast Emulator All-In-One File
[03 Jun 2014] [app] cast internet radio streams to a Chromecast
[03 May 2014] Batch Video Converter
[27 Mar 2014] Cast from Windows to Chromecast - All Formats
[20 Feb 2014] Chromecast Video - A Chrome App That Streams Local Video From Your Computer To Chrome
[06 Jan 2014] Streaming XBMC to Chromecast
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Reviews, blogs, reports, how-tos
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