Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Nvidia Shield Custom Setup

Product Overview

NVIDIA® SHIELD™ transforms your experience from just watching TV to playing TV. Enjoy the hottest movies, your favorite songs, and a new generation of great apps and games. Let Google's advanced voice commands do the work for you. Get personalized recommendations. Even cast a show or pictures to your TV from your PC, Android, or iOS device with built-in Google Cast™
 Watch in 4K Ultra HD from apps like Netflix2 and YouTube. Enjoy 10-bit color and rich Dolby 7.1 surround sound3. And plug your headphones into your SHIELD controller or optional remote for private listening.

Cost of Product:
Nvidia Shield 16gb - $199
Nvidia Shield 500gb - $299

One custom feature this offer comes with is called plug-and-play. This means all you have to do is receive the device plug it into your power and your television then connected to the Wi-Fi and everything else should be ready to go. This device also has ethernet options so if your Wi-Fi Pandora streaming connection in your area is port ethernet will offer you I better connection. We recommend ethernet connection when available especially for a device that is going to be consuming lots of data.
Since this is an Android device it is expected to be simple plug and play when it arrives. In order for it to work as a simple Plug and Play set up when it arrives, we ask that you provide your Google Play Store username and password. We will protect this information and you can change it at anytime but rest assured we only use it for plug-and-play options.

Cost of Custom Setup:
Handling - $40
Custom Setup - $40
IPTV - $40
Technical Support and Updates - $20
The cost of custom set up is the majority of the extra cost. Well anyone can set it up themselves you do it for you and we do in such a way that it is preloaded with the proper software, latest compatible Android applications, special modifications and tweaks providing you with options not available to most people but that are used to optimize device speed and capabilities. We do not recommend that anyone make modifications unless they have the proper details specific to the device. We are professional technicians who specialize specifically in Android TV players, and the Tegra X1Chipset. Tegra chipsets or a little bit different than what most people are used to such as x86 or ARM. Tegra devices need special versions of applications which we will provide.

IPTV is another feature that comes with custom setup. IPTV is a great way to watch live television anywhere in the world and of any program channel or station. One thing we ask to consider is the fact that technology is forever changing and the URLs provided are constantly changing you will eventually need to update the Channel or playlist.
We have special privileges that give us this information exclusively but you have to consider the fact that things do change and those are usually things that are out of our control. That does not mean that when something happens it is now a problem but it does mean that we expect you to work with us and be patient as we provide the solution that remedies the issue. This is hypothetical situation that may never be something you deal with, but should be a factor that is considered before making this purchase.

Technical Support
Technical support is provided once you receive your device. We will help you with any issues, Set up, update, troubleshoot and more. The best way to accomplish this is to use application that we will install called AirDroid. This application is great for remote accessing and updating any Android player. Frusta provide this service we do have to pay server costs. The cost to you is a single one time price. It also covers you for the life of your device excluding hardware damages. It also includes updating IPTV playlists.

IPTV Playlists

Shipping Costs:
6 - 10 business days to many major markets
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