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New version of PLAYBOX HD for iPad and iPhone July 18th 2015


PLAYBOX FOR IOSPlayBox iOS 8.3 No Jailbreak Tutorial

Download the official PlayBox app to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch without jailbreak. PlayBox is the new alternative to MovieBox, Show Box, and PopcornTime. PlayBox allows you to stream movies, TV series, cartoons, and anime in HD from your iOS device. It supports iOS 6+ and is confirmed working for iOS 8.3.
For the Android tutorial, click here.
How-to Install Play Box to the iOS
This new tutorial is confirmed working for iOS 8.3 and lower.
Method #1
1. Using your iPad or iPhone Safari Browser Click Below To Download PlayBox HD here:
Press Install
3. Open PlayBox HD and login with:
password: playboxHD4
Login to PlayBox HD
Method #2
1. Download and install vShare (Unjailbroken) here:
Download vShare Unjailbroken
2. Press ‘Install

3. Open vShare and press ‘Trust
Press Trust
4. Type ‘PlayBox HD’ in the search bar and hit ‘Search
Search PlayBox HD
5. Press the download icon
Download PlayBox HD
6. Once Play Box HD is done downloading, it will ask you to install it. Press ‘Install
Install PlayBox HD
Play Box will now be installed to your device and can be accessed on the home screen.
Note: If you are unable to install vShare or PlayBox, please try again later. Users who could not install have reported success when trying again the next day or so. Please also note that if you restart your device, vShare and all apps installed via vShare will crash. You will need to uninstall then reinstall the apps again.
PlayBox HD Installing

Old Method:
1. Go to ‘Settings‘ > ‘General‘ > ‘Date & Time‘ and roll the time back to January 1.
Roll Back Date and Time
2. Download the PlayBox here:
3. When prompted, hit Install.
Install PlayBox
4. PlayBox will now begin to install. The first time you open PlayBox, you will be prompted with an Untrusted App Developer warning. This is normal and appears for any app installed outside of the App Store. Simply press Trust.
Untrusted Developer
You are allowed to install the app without rooting your device or going through the App Store because PlayBox is signed using a corporate license.
Play Box Installed

Overview of Play Box

PlayBox offers a wide selection of movies and TV series including the latest releases and many older popular films/series.
PlayBox Side Menu
By clicking on the Menu icon, users can sort by Movies, TV Shows, Cartoons, or Anime.

PlayBox Settings
PlayBox offers the ability to download videos to play offline as well as add videos to a favorites list to watch later. Users can view videos in HD or lower the quality to improve viewing on lower bandwidth. PlayBox includes a Kids mode.


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We have some exciting news for all the iOS users out there who also have a Chromecast, Nexus Player, Amazon Fire TV, or a Samsung Smart TV, it is finally possible to stream premium TV shows and latest movies from your iPhone or iPad to your Chromecast or other TV player with UPnP options. Android has had most of the capabilities to do this and since chromecast came out all those with iPhones and iPads wondered if it was possible to cast to the TV. Apple has had an earring and airplay for years yes they are unable to establish amazing features like this into the mainstream because they're so restrictive and controlling. But now for the first time ever you can take advantage of this amazing new application for iOS called PlayBoxHD.
Follow along as I show you how it works be sure to look in the video description for a link to our blog where you can download the application. Remember we are here to help you do what you enjoy, streaming TV and movies. 

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