Sunday, August 23, 2015

Amazon HDMI and Bluetooth Controller Accessories

Buy one of very best Android TV players available today! Amazon fireTV and fireTVstick!

Brand new or refurbished factory new, saving money will start with us! 

Bluetooth keyboard with mouse is a must have.

Amazon fireTV game controllers and Keyboard/Mouse Accessories

Amazon fireTV accessories 
Sometimes you might need a replacement cord.
Just in case there is an issue, be prepared for these things and we are here
to help you do just that! Streaming TV and Movies FREE!!

Two must have applications for your Amazon fireTV and fireTV stick

I personally recommend these rendering emulator applications found in the Amazon appstore.
Airtight emulates Apple TV and shares between devices. Airtight brings Apple to any Android device.

Airplay Receiver

YouMap Chromecast rendering emulator works well on most Android devices.

Turn your Amazon fireTV and fireTV stick into an amazing all-in-one device with Apple Airplay and Google Chromecast ready on just one small dongle! Amazing!

Chromecast Receiver

All the you need to start streaming TV and movies for free with the correct product and accessories  purchase.

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