Sunday, August 16, 2015

[HOWTO] PlayBox HD for mobile iOS Best Movie and TV app FREE!

Playbox HD is a mobile application for Apple iOS devices as well as all Android type devices. Setup is simple but different for both. This app is one of the best apps ever made for high quality movies and TV shows for the latest streaming pirated media. Playbox HD is compatible on all iOS devices without jailbreak even though it is a third party application.

For setup on any* iPad or iPhone (nothing below iOS 7)

1. Open Safari on your iOS device.
3. Click on download button on next page

An icon will be added on one of your home screens, wait until it finishes loading the install and the icon if complete. Once it looks like shown below click on it to open.

Enter the user name and password.
It changes every month or so. Once added you don't need to ever enter this again unless your doing a fresh install of somehow I you wiped data. Either way if it doesn't work look for the updated user name and password. I'll do my best to keep it updated.

Password: playboxHD1

Click okay and if everything is valid and proper the app will open.

Select okay to allow notifications

Click on the top left icon for menu options.

Playbox HD HAS EVERYTHING! All movies, tonight's TV shows commercial free, all cartoons and lots of anime. Favorites and downloads are great added features. Check out the settings options for parental settings.

AirPlay and Google Cast features are standard as well!