Sunday, August 23, 2015

If you own a Windows PC you need to look at this video showing you how to remove malware

In this YouTube video I show you on my Windows PC how to easily remove any malware or toolbar extension crap that was added to your computer and to your browser. Internet Explorer is the default browser so it will always run within your Windows PC. If you're familiar with a Mac you know that safari is the default browser for all of Apple products. And that's the same for Internet Explorer and Windows computers. Internet Explorer is not only a browser it is part of the system. Now it is a lot of people use different than multiple browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browser. This means people do not use Internet Explorer browser as much as they used to and this also means this is where they tend to hide malware and other viruses within Internet Explorer especially since it is part of the system. Going into internet options within the settings of Internet Explorer and then so I can advance settings you can reset and clear out and remove any of the malware viruses and other unwanted tracking and hidden downloaded issues that you have infecting your computer.

Another quick tip is about boosters and add on programs that make your computer run faster or your internet run faster or something like that. Those are fake I recommend never ever using them. You have to think about when you first got the computer or if you've ever used a brand new computer, your computer then did not need a booster or a speed up program and files themselves do not affect the speed and performance of the computer because those files are stored on your hard drive rather than your RAM which dictates most of your performance. Hidden running programs tend to be the factor and what is running all at once there are several ways to fix that but one is not installing that will run and actually do nothing more then to control and track what you do.