Monday, September 21, 2015

List of Applications added to OneTechGenius Custom TV players

A basic list of the main custom apps provided on our custom fireTV sticks

Streamie Pro
Google it

One super amazing apps full of everything Media! All downloads are free.

World's TV
NEW no description offered

Gain access to the real settings options of your Amazon fireTV stick (Android OS 4.2.2) mod from a Android OS 4.0.4 settings APK. USE THIS APP TO GAIN ACCESS TO BLUETOOTH SETTING M AKING ALL BLUETOOTH DEVICES NOW COMPATIBLE.

Porn Hub
Adults Only 18+ (no bs one of the best apps for you know what)

PlayBox HD
All Movies and TV Shows

Turns the Amazon fireTV stick into a Airplay Receiver!!! Use your iOS devices to send movies to your fireTV stick as though its an AppleTV.

BubbleUPnP with transcoding
A must have for those file formats that need transcoding

Puffin Browser Pro
A must have browser for Android. Build in flash. Emulation screen server. The Ultimate hookup!

Software Data Connection/Transfer
Another way to send and receive

*NEW* All Movies and TV Shows

Mouse Toggle
An absolute game changer and a must have application for the Custom Amazon fireTV stick and its remote control. When activated (PRESS PLAY/PAUSE TWICE) this app give the AFTVS the ability to mouse around and click and on apps and their buttons and setting that the firetv stick remote can not do on its own.

Newest Movies HD
All Movies and TV Shows (FREE of course, all apps here are free)

Good Player Pro
This video player plays it all

AllCast Receiver
Use with AllCast app on your cell/tablet to send files to your TV. (Works well with IPTV, ShowBox, TV Portal etc.)

Google it

TV Portal
All Movies and TV Shows

One of the very best and most up to date Live TV applications for Android (Quality)

Rom Buddy
The ultimate directory of all games ever made A to Z of all games for each emulator. Use with RetroArch (Use a bluetooth gaming controller is recommended)

STB Emulator
Google it (super awesome) latest working version

Mag TV Live
Google it, no description offered

Liquid Bear
High Quality free music app. Must log in to use (simple log in)

All in one emulator for all gaming systems. Atari to PS1 and everything in between with BIOS included. Use with ROM buddy.  (Use a bluetooth gaming controller is recommended)

Google it for a description (This app especially on a rooted device is literally one of the very best ever made.

Cordy 2

Root Explorer
One of the best file managers ever made for Android (personal opinion)

Spotify Connect
Spotify receiver application

Music World
One of the very best applications for Android, giving you all music FREE. This app has been around a long time yet works perfectly!

ShowBox HD
Custom ShowBox (secret) with no ads as well!

Live TV HD
*NEW* no description

A HUGE selection of premium sports channels world wide! Kept up to date and works well, one of the very best apps yet very simple.
Generic Music Player

BMovie Pro
Most Movies and TV shows

Every Android App Free! Even though you'll see a price its still free!

2 versions of custom KODI TVMC XBMC
we provide 2 different builds of a media software known as KODI. This is just a media player but it is more than that, it's the future of media and TV but here and now!

with 10 updated playlists
the playlists are as follows
the URL and ends in a 1 through 10 so if the first
playlist is as follows
each new playlist will be the same but end in a different
number from 1 to 10
in the future you can assume it will be the same onwards 11 - xxxxunknown

FireTV Launcher
This application pulls everything together making this a easy to use custom setup! Press the Home button on the fireTV stick remote and you'll go to the custom launcher. Press twice and access the stock (limited and costs money) Prime services by Amazon. Stick with our launcher and apps and you'll have everything a so much more all free!



reminder, if you buy one, we ask you please be patient, dont assume we've skipped town... orders are about a week out but worth the wait!

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