Wednesday, September 23, 2015

UPDATED Playbox HD for all iOS devices. If you own a iPhone or iPadthen this application is worth a look

Version 2.0
Do not download if you already have working app 

  • Pgyer Service
  • 1. Download from 2. Click "install" button and wait until finishing  3. Open app and login with account below:  username:  password: HDbox001  (Pls check the daily updated username and pass once you log in)   If downloading was made before Aug 31, 2015 and the app was unable to open, pls remove and download again  In case account disables, please contact to us and try again 10 minutes later or on the next day  Solutions for install problems  Disabled: Please try login 10 minutes later or on the next day (check again the updated username & password)  Kick out to home screen: please login twice and check whether latest file has been downloaded or not  Can't connect to iTunes Store:      Case 1: Check your internet connection      Case 2: Apple store is maintained, try again later (check by downloading other app from App Store) 
  • vShare Store
  • need jailbreak
Version 2.2New features 

Version 2.0.2
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We specializes in development for the Android, iOS and WindowsPhone platform. Most of the time is spend on in-house development but we are always open for new opportunities.


Version 2.2

Released on 04/20/2015
  • NEWNew play mode with Wifi Sharing 
    You can play movie with subtile in any web browser support html5. (PC, Laptop, Smart-TV...)
  • NEWSupport more app language
  • FIXASS subtitle
  • FIXFix bugs