Friday, October 2, 2015

Watch IPTV Playlists Using KODI Just By Right Click And Open With

Recently I realized I could play IPTV M3U playlists I've made without any add-ons. I have a working playlist.m3u file on the desktop of my computer. Without really knowing what would happen I selected 'open with' option and from there I selected KODI.

From there KODI loaded and a channel loaded and played. I wondered if I could select the next channel in the playlist. I selected next >>

The next option allowed the playlist to seek the next working channel.
Without any added plugins,I was able to play a m3u8 channel URL from a playlist.m3u file I made from a download.txt from
I edited and renamed the download.txt from txt to .m3u and that converted the pastebin downloaded txt file format to a usable playlist.m3u format

Do you need a working playlist.m3u file to test this with? Well you're in luck, click HERE for a working playlist.m3u direct download.