Sunday, November 15, 2015

Playbox HD still works for iOS devices without jailbreak TUTORIAL

How-to Install Play Box to the iOS

This new tutorial is confirmed working for iOS 9.0.2 and lower.

Method #1

1. Download and install vShare (Unjailbroken) here:
Download vShare Unjailbroken
2. Press ‘Install
Install vShare
3. Open vShare and press ‘Trust
Press Trust
iOS 9+ users: You will receive an Untrusted Enterprise Developer pop-up when opening the app.
Untrusted Enterprise Developer
Go to ‘Settings‘ > ‘General‘ > ‘Profile‘ > ‘Haiyang Yi Zhuo Fuzhuan…‘ > ‘Trust…’ > ‘Trust‘ again to trust vShare. You will now be able to run vShare.
How to Trust vShare
4. Type ‘PlayBox HD’ in the search bar and hit ‘Search
Search PlayBox HD
5. Press the download icon
Download PlayBox HD
6. Once Play Box HD is done downloading, it will ask you to install it. Press ‘Install
Install PlayBox HD
Play Box will now be installed to your device and can be accessed on the home screen.
Note: If you are unable to install vShare or PlayBox, please try again later. Users who could not install have reported success when trying again the next day or so. Please also note that if you restart your device, vShare and all apps installed via vShare will crash. You will need to uninstall then reinstall the apps again.

Method #2

1. Download PlayBox HD here (Press ‘Install App’):
Download PlayBox HD
2. Press ‘Install
Install PlayBox HD
3. Open PlayBox HD and login with:
password: HDbox001
Login to PlayBox HD