Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Watch free movies and tv shows on your Chromecast with Android App Cast4KODI

Cast4KODI is an open source for-profit media player / media center software that is a stripped Kodi fork, made by former XBMC developers xbmchelper and onetechgenius. So far it has been released for for Android derivative for the Android Cell Phones And Tablets as their first platform.

Chromecast TV shows, movies and now even live TV for sports using KODICast Android app for Nexus Player and Chromecast Devices.

Kodi/XBMC to Chromecast Apps
KODICast App For Android Tablets & Phones
Download Your Version Of KODICast

Step 1: Watch How-To Videos
Step 2: Choose correct download version
Step 3: Download and install app
Step 4: Setup and Configure for personal use
Step 5: Test and Enjoy
Step 6: Troubleshoot
Step 7: Contact Us

Step 1: Watch How-To Cast4KODI

Step 2: Different Versions
Right now there are 3 versions.
A. ALL Lollipop* 5.x OS and up.
B. Most ARM** Android OS 4.4.4 and below.
C. Most TEGRA*** Android OS 4.4.4 and below.
If your not sure choose B
*If your device runs lollipop choose this one, **choose this one if you have a regular Android Devucd(not Intel, HTC or Tegra chip. ***Tegra chipset runs in OUYA, most HTC some ASUS ie Nexus7 etc. 
Step 3: Download and Install

Step 4: Setup and configure

Step 5: Test and ENJOY!

Step 6: Troubleshoot
You MUST have a compatible Wi-Fi setup and all compatible devices must be connected and synced to the same Wifi network.
This is not an official app for any specific product, hardware or software and should not be considered official.
When you download KODICast the amount you’re charged is not a purchase and is considered a donation from you. Your contribution helps other development and does not guarantee any future support. You're not excluded from future support and may receive it but isn't promised or paid for and you are simply testing possible features coming soon from official creators.  

Step 7: Contact Us