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Start saving time and money by choosing the correct product the first time not from a salesman but from a technician that guarantees your satisfaction


We are here to help you do what you enjoy, streaming TV and movies. We help by providing a custom TV player that is beyond anything cable providers can provide. We not only give you easy access to movies, commercial free TV shows (on the day they air) and every sporting event on the planet live and in HD.

LIVE TVRecommended For Sports, News and Live Media Events (as other apps give you TV shows and Movies commercial free)

MOBDRO Android TV application is one app I personally use everyday to access all of the news, sports and tv shows I want to watch. It's just one of several applications I add to our custom TV players; for streaming premium live TV.

MOBDRO is just like regular cable TV what has all channels and all kinds of other options for news and sports and movies that are in premium HD quality but absolutely free.

Free Live Sample Application



One of 80+ features included

I've created high quality custom software that guarantees easy access to updates, new apps and services as well as easy fixes with troubleshooting made easy. Having customize over 300 TV players I have ran into maybe five separate occasions that there has been any issue with this product and its custom software.
Everything runs smoothly and I base this on not only my own experience using the product and the software when I set them up. But also statistically on the number of devices provided versus customers who needed help.

*Read for yourself what customers have said after purchasing one of our "Future Ready" custom TV players; by going to the customer feedback page

I not only develop and create the best applications and services for all media content.  I also communicate directly with all other developers of every application added such as KODI, TV Addons, Mobdro, ShowBox, TV Portal just to name a few. This means everything will work properly and receive updates and if anything were to ever go wrong I provide immediate results. Some of the many features within these applications will be all new and old movies, all TV shows in commercial free format, all sporting events live in HD as well as all music, a huge selection of games with emulators.

I know the in and out of every piece of software added and I would never send someone a product that did not work and this is because I personally go through each device and the applications just before it's mailed because things expire and stop working randomly all the time. And from experience helping others remotely across the planet I know that a lot of the preloaded devices that are available come with outdated software or expired applications and useless content that is just a filler to make it seem like you're getting something special. What I provide you is beyond anything available either commercially or online and has more content than any paid service available and all advertisement free.*


I provided several versions and backups of each application so that if for some reason one application does not work there will be other options immediately to use so that you're never without or missing a single game or show or movie when you want to watch it.

KODI is just one feature added. What makes our version of KODI special is for the simple fact it is a fork version of the original and contains configuration TV MC add on support built in. . This allows for easy set up update and troubleshoot. This also provides a fix when something accidentally gets removed, changed or stops working.
I've also added custom feature for external player options this allows for different player formats as well as sending something you're watching from one TV to another through the Wi-Fi using standard DLNA and UPnP device communication and transfer support.

So I provide you with fully set up and customized version of KODI that is unlike any other build available because I aluminate the hassle of finding and installing third-party plug-ins and provide you with external player options that allow you to cast from one TV to another and easy set up updating and troubleshooting if down the road anything goes wrong.

Our Custom Fork of KODI is Officially called CAST4KODI and can be found here

I've also been working on developing easy access to music and gaming and several other features that truly make this an all-in-one media entertainment Center without any extra cost.

Below are a just a few of Future Ready Media Custom Applications

Download and try some of our apps for free:

Gaming ROM Application

Download *Emu.Rom Android application

Live Local TV apps

Download World Wide Cams Android application

Download *Local.Live TV Android application

Live Sports TV app

Download *Sports Streams Android application

Live IPTV Playlists App

Download *m3u.Playlists Android application

Future Ready Media has its own application market. Called KODI.TV Market, it contains all of the applications I add to these custom devices but it also contain future releases making our custom app market the best place to find 3rd party media applications all in one easy to use app market. All Apps are free but the TV app store itself is a one time charge. CLICK HERE to Download KODI.TV Market

Video Demo

As I develop new services and products, expect to receive updates and new applications. This product pays for itself easily within 2 months. I am not a salesman and I am would never sell you something that was bullshit.

I have spent the last five years helping people across the planet with their bullshit products and at this point I am done seeing anyone buy the wrong product when I can provide you with the correct product the first time and years before anything like this is even available to the regular customer.

Consider buying one of my devices right now as it is on sale this week. I provide you with several options based on cost and accessibility for ethernet and 4K Ultra HD viewing.
One thing you can be sure of this will be something that will replace cable or Netflix and provide you with every piece of content you could ever want to watch all-in-one place working properly and for free and commercial free.
If you're watching live TV I recommend simply just for sports because any TV show you ever want to watch is also available but commercial free.

So really the only time you ever have to watch a commercial is when you're watching a game and a lot of the live channels that I have are also already commercial free because it is the premium streaming package.

Fire Stick w/voice remote (Outside USA)
Fire Stick w/voice remote (USA and USA Territories)
NEW CUSTOM Amazon fire TV 4K ultra HD (OUTSIDE USA--World Wide)

NEW CUSTOM Amazon fire TV 4K ultra HD (USA)

Nexus Player

Nvidia Gaming TV

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