Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A new Android App Market for all Android TV players

Welcome to Our Newest Application Market: KODI.TV Market

FUTURE READY Apps are one of a kind Android applications that gives you 80+ features and applications found nowhere else. Originally made for Android TV players like the Nexus Player, Nvidia, and Amazon fire TV, it is a perfect choice for all Android devices.

Now have access to any application on any device or TV player with our new Market apps.We have worked hard to create a new way for you to watch your favorite movies and TV shows. One of the biggest problems is finding the various applications that give you premium programming for free. The second challenge is adding the apps to your devices. We make it easier with "A Z KODI.TV Market." All apps inside AZKODI.TV Market are free.

Our newest application is designed with the latest SDK 23 Android TV look and feel. We've added the essentials and as time goes on you can expect to find more and more options and as always the very latest updates for all the apps listed. This is important because we want to ensure everything is always up to date and working properly.

Also most of these applications provided are found scattered across the web, sometimes are faked and contain malware, or it is hard to find the newest version, and even harder to install in the first place. We eliminate all the hassle and trouble and make installation easy and compatible with all types of Android TV players new and old alike.