Wednesday, April 20, 2016


New Live TV Android Application

Proceed to download page

Download and open application

Inside you'll find live TV channels,
m3u playlists and CCloudTV
2,000+ Live channels
Select a TV channel
MX Player is recommended
As long as you have a data connection
and the link is still valid, it will work.
Select an m3u playlist

IPTV app is recommended
Select a channel from the m3u playlist
MX Player or VLC Player is recommended
If the channel(s) are valid and you have a
data connection, the content will load and play.
MX Player works best
the player will load
the channel selected from IPTV manager
app will load and play
CCloudTV is another Live TV
option Click on the Go icon and the
content will begin to load
There are several options
1. Search a channel by name

2. save a channel to favorites
notice online and offline channels
notice several language options for each channel
3. Scroll up or down to locate an online and
compatible Live stream
Click on the Live "online" channel stream
The channel will load and play
select full screen

click on screen to bring up options
click back to exit
select a new stream
Play and enjoy anywhere you have a working data source.
Remember some countries like the UK have issues because of ISP restrictions. Those restrictions are easily eliminated by using with a working VPN. I recommend using a VPN called TunnelBear. It is very high quality and is free for the first 1,000 megabits and is extremely affordable for unlimited services.