Tuesday, April 12, 2016

KODI is Back on the Amazon App Store: Get your copy today

Amazon Fire TV Stick Owners

Do you want to add KODI to your Amazon Fire TV or TV stick but don’t know how?


Did you lose your KODI install and now want it updated or reinstalled?

You’re in luck! Future Ready Media has you covered. Never worry about loosing KODI or your addons ever again with our new feature for all Amazon fire TVs and TV sticks.

Make a request today and have KODI officially installed on your device straight from the Amazon App Store. Receive the latest version of KODI. Our version is almost stock but with some minor adjustments and customizations giving you complete add-on support built into KODI.

Simply provide a valid email associated with your Amazon Account. Check your email and confirm the email request made from Amazon.
We will do the rest and send you an official copy of KODI customized with built in add-on support. Anytime you have an issue with KODI ask us and we will provide the solution. If you accidentally delete or remove KODI, you do not need to worry. KODI will now be in your Amazon app store cloud storage and you will be able to reinstall or update KODI any time. 

  1. Valid email associated with your valid Amazon account.
  2. Hardware: Amazon fire TV and Amazon fire TV stick.
  3. You must not have opted out of receiving notifications or promotional offers from Amazon.
  4. Access to your email associated with your Amazon account.
  5. Able to verify your email with Amazon. This will allow you to sync up and receive KODI directly to your Amazon fire TV
  6. Be patient. We will only fulfill email requests once a day so wait at least 24 hours before receiving KODI to your device.
  7. Follow Detailed instructions from us in a conformation email.
  8. If all else fails use a different email and add it to your Amazon account.

We are professional technicians who have one goal in mind, making sure you can access KODI and use the many features easily without hassle or restrictions.

Go to our signup website for further details and start streaming totally free movies, TV shows, sports and live TV on your Amazon fire TV and TV stick.

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